Do You Lack Empathy

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Some people are more fortunate than other people. There are people who have lots of money while there are people who need to work hard for money. Different people have different fate. Whatever your fate is, nobody would want to work if given a choice. Who do not like to enjoy life? Who do not like to play and have fun?
One of the ways to earn extra money is through building websites. Why are there so many websites on the internet? Don’t tell me all the websites are free? Don’t tell me nobody wants to earn money? If nobody wants to earn money, why is there a great surge in Make Money Online products? Why more people are signing up blogs for money?
Many businesses on the internet all wants to earn money. It is their job to earn money. They have to earn money to survive. But there are some people who cannot spare a thought for other people. When I am writing blogs, I try not to mention the negatives. Always stress on positives. This is what happens in school too and what we should teach our children. If your children do litter, you got to tell them to pick up rubbish and throw in rubbish bin. You do not go tell other people that you saw this child throwing rubbish! Then you are not helping the child.
I am just feeling injustice for Richard Palace, who help to host a website known as Everybody is trying hard to survive in this society. If you had good suggestion and are willing to help, there is always room for discussion. There is no need to hurt the feeling of people. Why add more misery to people’s life? Does that make you feel better? Does that make the world a better place to live in? What good is it to add fuel to the fire?
It seems a ‘hot’ topic of great discussion, a great list of comments going on at these people’s site. Today when I visited that site, there was a total of 16 comments. I suppose now there should be more.
This is what I had just written at my other blog,

Have you heard of the Aesop FablesThe Man, His Son And The Donkey? There are many people who like to comment on what people do. It is so easy to ‘talk’ about people, comment about people, but does it do anybody any good? Sometimes we need to put ourselves in other people’s shoes. Of course it is all your human rights to do whatever you want, but if imagine you are one of the country man who criticise about the man and his son. But yet you too are riding on the donkey. What has it got to say about yourself?

Probably I am not making myself very clear. I am actually talking about is a new website hosted by Richard Palace. Hosting a website is not free. Just like this website of mine, I need to pay for it. Nothing is free in this world. Tell me is there anything free? What is the purpose of setting up Well, I am sure the website owner has his own reasons and his interest. In setting up a directory like that, user can increase traffic to their websites. As a new websites, he is trying to spread the word around that the website exists. He even advertise at Yahoo and Google. By advertising and ‘spreading’ via word of mouth or via emails or IMs, information is spread fast. People would know about the website.

As like any business, when you are walking on the road, you encounter cold canvassing. At home you receive cold calls. In the internet, you receive junk mails and spam mails. Everyday I receive so many spam so many junk mails about increasing penis size, viagra, drugs, and many others scams. Do I need to go around and target all these people? 

On the road, you see old people collecting cans, rubbish, sleeping on the floor. They are unsightly. Do you go round telling people about how this old people ruin your country? They are trying to earn a living. Do you think they would love to do such things? Who would love to go round doing such kind of ‘hobby’? Who in this world like to do cold calls? Who in this world like to face rejections?

Sltopsites is like the Donkey, the ass. The website, sltopsites allows websites to be listed on the directory. A directory is a place where you can find information easily. On the internet, there are millions of websites. Not all websites can have the information you want. Not everybody have the same interest. Not everybody like the same thing. Some people like a particular website but not the other. So the purpose of the directory is to help people to find a list of similar interest related sites, so that these people can always seek better information, ideas, and even friendship out of their interest. 

Whoever is not happy with sltopsites, there is no obligation to list their website there. Does sltopsites put a gun on your head and say YOU MUST LIST YOUR SITE AT SLTOPSITES? I am sure Richard Palace never do that. I am not helping anyone. You can also see that I am not linking to him. He is not in my blogroll. Why? I am fair to anybody. He is working very hard at his sites. Whether he is doing it the right way in your eyes or in a way which is ‘incorrect’ in your eyes, everything is up to individual. There is no need to back stab anyone — riding on the donkey and then saying the donkey is shitting the place! 

I do not wish to mention who these people are who do these kind of things to the donkey, sltopsites. When one countryman starts to scrutinize, criticize and comment about the donkey, other passer-bys also come to rub salt to the wounds. They add fuels to the fire. Did sltopsites mention to ASK ANYONE TO CLICK ON HIS WEBSITES ADVERTISEMENT? Did sltopsites ask YOU TO CLICK ON ANYTHING? Everyday, on the web, there are so many other spams and comments like that. Just because you know him and you want him to suffer? This is how you treat your brethens, your brothers, your neighbours? You call yourself Christian, if you are! There is no religion in this world who encourage disharmony. Just give other people a chance to grow. If you do not want to ride the donkey (list your site or blog at sltopsite), then leave it alone. If you want to ride the donkey (list your site or blog at sltopsite), then just ride quitely as the donkey will try to bring more visitors to your website. If you have no wish for both, you are just a passer-by, there is no need for you to hurt the feeling of people in such a way, especially the donkey. 

The donkey is doing all he can to help people and himself. Providing his service to people and making his own existence in this world. Who is born a genius? If you mean well, offer him your best suggestion, feedback to him. There is no need to do anything funny behind the poor donkey! Contest or no contest, someone is going to be happy to be the winner. Someone is going to be sad for being the loser. Winner notify through emails, IMs. I also received. Yet rumours spread that money was not paid. Did he own anyone? It is just a complimentary from him to add more fun and more participants and more traffic to the sl communities. He is forking out his hard earn money. Do you ever know that? Just because no one is doing that and you say that is ridiculous. Winner was paid $1000L and if he does not like money, please do not take and leave. If anyone is not happy, why join the community? 

Why bring more miserables to people? We should stand together as a nation. The internet should be helping to draw us together and not fighting and competing with one another. Just like me, I have not got my remuneration from ReviewMe, I decide to leave. I do not need to go round hurting the person behind it. 

Go Google, do a search on and you can see who are these people. Perhaps this is indeed an ingenious way of marketing, so to speak. But anyway, there is no hard feeling about anything. This is all my opinion and I just want to let my feelings to heard, especially to these people. 

Of course this matter does not concern me at all. It is not my site and whatever business that Richard Palace does on the internet, I have no active roles in it, except for ‘a name’ — as what the chinese says, a cave cannot have two tigers. It is hard to have business under two different management system. That is why whatever websites belongs to him I have no interference at all and whatever is mine is mine, my own ideas, my own marketing and so on.

Simplicity Of Success

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Success is achieving all your goals in life. Fame and wealth goes hand in hand with success.
It is common for majority of people in this world to achieve success. Success has different meaning to different individual. However, success is commonly associated with the financial status of the individual. Nobody would regard a beggar as successful. To determine if someone is successful a not, we usually look at their possession, their status, position in the workplace or society etc. Famous people like actors, actresses, presidents, CEOs of companies, are often regarded as successful. 

How can some people be more successful than others? A lot of people pursue success. They seek for success. They tried various ways, they been through failures and more failures but success is still not within their reach. However, some people got the taste of success overnight! This is our world we are living in. You can say that nothing is fair. We only see what is on the surface most of the time. We do not see what exactly goes on behind these people who achieve success. What they do and how they do it. They may give you hints, advice, tips and so on. But they are not there to help you. 

Sometimes things are not that easy to comprehend, just by understanding. You need help from expert, you need someone who is better in a field to assist you. By doing so, you are able to climb up the ladder faster. Seeking help while climbing up the stairs to success can be equivalent to a person giving you a hand of support, holding you, and you climb faster, easier and with more confidence up the stairs to success. Where can you find help? Do you need a helping hand? Does your company need a helping hand?
Venture Alliance Partners is dedicated to help entrepreneurs and investors. Venture Alliance Partners A/S (Venpar) is one of the leading providers of private equity, dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and investors build world-class companies. They have already managed to show excellent results for their clients, which is not surprisingly the core reason behind their list of partners and strong portfolio. Their continued focus on the venture capital marketplace, strong and trustworthy determination for being an external financial strategist, headhunter, investment banker and corporate therapist for a wide range of different companies in continuous growth, remains key to their success. You are just one click away from the simplicity behind their success. Visit their user-friendly website at – they are looking forward to make the most out of your interests.

Climbing up the ladder to success is not easy. But if you seek help, it can lighten your load, and you can climb your ladder of success with more ease, having a companion, and a helping hand to assist you. This is the simplicity of success. Work hard and work smart. Seek a helping hand when you have tried all your means. Do not give up. It is when you fail that you learn. It is when you fail, then you are able to comprehend and feel the pleasure of success.

Win Prize And Cash

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Besides inheritance, one of the way to earn fast money is through winning — winning in contests and winning lotteries. Some examples of contests that people can take part in order to win cash are Beauty Pageant, Wheel of Fortune, Pyramid Game, Deal or No Deal and so on. Besides this, many people also buy lotteries, which they try their luck to win instant cash — some people are indeed very lucky, and they win Toto, which make them millionaires overnight.
Not all games and contests give out cash money to be won. Some contests and games have their consolation prizes such as Television, Refrigerator, and even cars. Some people might not want to have these gifts when they have won the prize, but they can sell their prize in exchange for cash!
Recently, there are more such contests and games both on TV and the internet. On TV, there is Deal or No Deal and also the chinese game on guessing ‘high or low’. Instant Cash are all waiting to be won in all these games, and there is no need to answer any difficult questions — everything is solely on luck.
The games on TV, one must be on air, facing the audience. However, more such games and contests are now on the internet. All you need is to sign up and you can start participating in the game. One such example is Bid4Prizes. Unlike most games, where the highest bid win the game, at Bid4Prizes, all you need to do is get the lowest bid for any prize and you win! The website looks so amazing! There is a video, showing you how to go about playing the game. All the attractive prizes are shown clearly on the site. There are AppleiPhone, BMW car, 42″ Panasonic TV, $500 gift card and even $500 cash and more! It is so tempting good, however, all the good things happen only in United States! This contest is open only to Residents of United States.
If I am eligible for the game, I would sign up immediately! I want to win the 42″ Panasonic TV, the car and the $500 cash. My family has no car and the TV is 50% in working condition now. If I can win the car and TV then I can save some money, as I do not need to look for money to buy another TV. If I have car, my family can go to various places of interests and we can go to the beach often. With the $500 cash, I would want to buy the things that my children want. We do not have good watches. I want to buy four watches, one for me, one for my husband, one for my son and one for my daughter. That would be perfect. But all these are hope only, because I am not eligible for the game… how sad it is!
So if you are eligible for the game, don’t miss the chance to win yourself prizes and cash. If you are U.S residents, why wait? Sign up for an account and bid4prizes now!

The 8 Steps for Starting a Business Online

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1. Choose Your Products
Find the needs or demands, not the products. Go to wordtracker (commercial) or overture(free), and look for well-searched keywords (searched a lot of times). Then, find a product related to those well-searched keywords. Being searched a lot of times means a lot of people are looking. If you find a product which a lot of people are looking for, you can sell it a lot.
2. Buy a Domain Name
You need your own domain name, not like Your You can get one less than $10/year. Though, don't buy any keyword-rich domain name. It won't give you a boost in search engine rankings. (At least, it isn't a significant factor.) Your domain name will be your own brand name, like or You don't want a keyword-rich domain for your brand name, do you?
3. Make Your Site
You have only 8 seconds or less to grab visitors' attention. If you fail, they are gone. Moreover, if you confuse visitors, they are gone. You need to make a website that people want to brows.
4. Get Hosted
Forget about free hosting services; find a reliable hosting service. For conventional businesses, time is money. For internet businesses, uptime is money.
5. Publish Your Own Newsletter
Using your own opt in list is the most effective way of marketing. Don't forget to ask visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.
6. Sell It Right
No matter how many visitors you receive, you cannot make money if no one buys your product. To sell your product, you have to do it right.
7. Get Traffic
You might already know that if your site is ranked high at any search engines, you will get a lot of visitors. But, that isn't the only way to get visitors. There are other things you can do to generate traffic.
8. Test & Revise
Successful online business depends on consistent analyst and test. So, always analyze the results and find flaws. As you correct those flaws, you will make more money.

Waste your money and you're only out of money, but waste your time and you've lost a part of your life. ~Michael Leboeuf

Membership Sites

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Search and you will find. There are various ways to make money on the internet if you search for it. A way to earn great money is to collect membership fees from your website users. It appears easy money, just by collecting membership fees. However, there need to be quality and value-added service in order to maintain a website, just as in any business. Besides providing a good service, the success of a membership sites is dependent on networking.

Making money with membership sites

There are many making money opportunities on the internet market. To encourage genuine interest and tracking, most sites require membership, free, basic, premium and so on. These website developers earned their money providing services to these people. These sites normally come in two types initially, free membership to attract people with basic privileges and for more privileges these people need to upgrade to paid membership. Another type would be the free trial period, where member signed up for a programmed and get to use it for a 30-day free trial period or 14-day trial period and so on.

There are many membership sites in the internet, for which both the website developers and the users can make money. One popular example is Second Life. Different privilege are given to free members and premium members, with the major difference being the ownership of land. Premium members can buy land. Buying land enable land owners to build their own business, rent the land or resell the land. These are the money making opportunities for members.

For members, referral fees are being paid to them also if they can refer people to sign up these sites. These is to attract more people to sign up the programs, a way to sustain the websites.
For website owners, providing membership sites enable them to collect regular monthly 'income' from membership, another type of money making opportunity. In addition, Second Life has land for auction for these premium members. This is another revenues for website developers. Providing additional 'service' in additional to membership payments. These are additional ways of making money.

To make money with membership sites, you need to provide a service which users can enjoy or have values in joining the program -- such as making money, storage disks or storage of documents, games etc. By providing free trial or free membership, you attract people to your site. By providing affiliate program or referring fees, the site can get more exposure to people, 'saving' on advertisement in some sense. However, to earn money from the membership site, there must really be value-added services, and quality services. A good service and good site will ensure your existing users to stay with you and also to recommend it to their friends. There is no limit to a membership site. As you grow, the users grow with you. As the site get popular, additional accounts with more privilege are added, thereby increasing the website developers' income opportunities further.

Thus making money with membership sites is a good way of making money. It is a program where you can make money while you sleep! It is a program that you can make money anywhere as long as you have a computer and internet connection. It is a program where you can make money at the comfort of your home too!

Business Communication

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Communication is important in personal relationships and in business too. Without communication, there can never be any kind of business transactions possible. Regardless of what businesses you have, you got to have communication — talk about business, talk to customers, talk to business developers, talk to wholesalers, negotiate the price of properties and so on.
The best place to start a business is at home, online home business. With the internet, you can reach out to millions and millions of people around the world. Starting an online business requires you to have a computer and some computer knowledge. There are many business opportunities online such as affiliate marketing, website hosting, book publishing and so on.

With an online business, you can start work anywhere and anytime. You do not need to be at home, with a notebook, you can do your online business in the library, at your friends’ house or even at beach! However, if we really want to be serious in the business, one ought to really invest in some business tools. One of the most important business tools that every businessman ought to have is phones — handphones, office telephones and home phones.

In every business, we need customers to place orders, to call up to order for services or to buy products or to make enquiries. Every calls are business opportunities. Businessmen need to make calls at the same time, to source for new businesses and new business prospects. Phone conferencing helps businessmen who are far apart, such as from different countries to meet and discuss business at the convenience of their own office. Many business contracts and business dealings are successfully clinched via the phone.

Xpander Communications specializes in small business phone systems for companies looking to improve and explore new technologies such as Voice Over IP (VoIP). Xpander delivers the most user friendly phone systems available, thanks to a focus on simplicity, reduced costs, and drastically reduced maintenance. Small businesses with office branches scattered across the country can share the same phone system on the same private list of extensions across all branch offices equally. You can enjoy free 4-digit dialing between all branch, satellite, or home office locations making your team tighter and more efficient. Costs are drastically reduced thanks to unlimited free service & support as well as improved long distance and international calling plans. The benefits VoIP phone systems have to offer the small business world are endless.

I would recommend small business phone systems to all businessmen and businesswomen. It is a great communication tool and there are various designs to choose from. They are every businesspeople’s helpful aids. With a good phone system, the business opportunities of every businesspeople are without limit. Small business phone systems is an investment which every businessmen and businesswomen should not miss. Another great communication tool for business is Skype, which allows businesspeople to talk about business via the internet. It has brought so much convenience to people from different regions to interact together.

Relationship Marketing

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Maintaining a good relationship helps selling easier.
This is a world of relationships. At home, we have parents and children relationship, husband and wife relationship, brothers and sisters relationship. The other relationship are relatives relationship, friends and colleagues relationships, businesspeople and their customer relationship and various others people and people relationship.
Relationship can be enriching and it can also be tiring and cumbersome. We are in a relationship marketing world. Many work in this world need good relationship, especially in sales. The work of sales must be disciplined and it involves hard work. It is a business of ‘follow-up’. Whether in dating or in business, we are constantly marketing ourselves to our customer (partner in the case of dating). A good salesperson must be able to sell himself well to his or her customer before the customer will buy from his/her products. When approached for the first time, our prospect or customer is usually cold and may be non-responsive. But through follow-up, customer get to know more about the salesperson and that is where the salesperson has a chance of selling through time.
Tracking your client list and prospect list needs good system. I had learned to use the one-card-system for my customer relationship management system. It helped me to track those suspects, prospects and clients whom I called. Just like a doctor who wrote down information on the patient’s medical record card, I wrote down all the information about the person in the one-card-system — yellow or white card. All this is manual, not computerised, and the cards and box may be bulky and taking up storage space.
CRM software at AIMpromote is providing online sales leads management software. If you want to have a better customer relationship management system, try crm. It stands for Customer relationship management. Any sales team who wants a better sales record should try out their CRM package. With a better way of managing your customers, there would definitely be results coming in — increase your sale and money!

Selling Insurance

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Selling insurance can be fun when you get to meet various kinds of people and talk to many interesting people. However it can also be stressful when you need to meet your quota.
When it comes to selling insurance policies, I like to sell endowment policies. They are much easier to sell. Selling endowments are generally easier because many people like the idea of savings and endowments are actually savings and they have the extra benefits of offering protection to the policyholders.
Generally when selling insurance, I will first of all do a financial plans for my prospects. I will find out what are the investments and insurance policies they already have, their needs, their income, their expenditure, their dependents and not forgetting their estimated retirement age. I will do a financial risk tolerance level for them too, to see how much risk they can take so that I can know what sort of plans would be better for them.
After getting to know my prospects, I will go on to tell them what are the products which I can recommend them based on their needs. Different prospects have different needs and they have different risk tolerance level too. Depending on the age, risk tolerance levels, their needs and the prospects budget etc, I will do a calculation for them to see their financial shortage in various areas. After the financial needs analysis is done, I will go through all the details with my prospects and explain how I can package any financial plans for them.
Endowments are generally very good sellers for me. It comes with cash benefits which can be given back to policyholders at regular intervals such as yearly, every 2 years or every 3 years. Giving prospects the ideas that they can insure their life and at the same time enjoying a discipline savings that has a higher interest rate than the bank generally makes the sale half accomplished. I would tell them the benefits of using the cash benefits, which is like extra bonus being paid to them, something like ‘magic money’ or ‘red packets’ being paid to them to reward them for paying the premiums all the while. Getting the cash benefits are ways of rewarding themselves — shopping for their love items, going tour with their love ones, buy stocks and shares, go medical checkup, and so on. They can just do anything with their own money!

Women love shopping. Giving them the ideas of money(as in cash benefits from endowment policies) for shopping might help for some women. Offering free gifts is also a good way to promote your business.
Endowment policies can also be packaged with home mortgages. Endowment mortgages are mortgages where the interest on the principle of the mortgage loan is due. The principle of the loan is covered by a type of insurance known as an endowment policy. The endowment policy ensures the mortgage holder will be able to pay off the loan when it comes due. In the UK, endowment policies are known as endowments.
An endowment is an insurance policy and the policy holder must pay monthly premiums. Endowment policies where issued in the 70’s and 80’s and were thought to be able to pay off the mortgage loan completely. However, for a number reasons, many of the endowments are plagued by a shortfall. That is, they won’t pay enough to cover the mortgage amount coming due. In some cases, policyholders are surrendering them to the issuing insurance companies for ridiculously low prices. The UK government stepped in with legislation to protect consumers by informing them that they may have higher value with a endowment policy selling service. Some policies are not all that desirable to purchase for many buyers, however it is just a case the seller being able to find the right buyer for their unique endowment policy. Someone will want to buy it. By selling their endowment policy through such a service, the endowment policy holder may receive up to 35% more for their policy.
After I had offered my solution to them, it is time for the prospects to make decision — decision to choose which option they would like to take up. I generally offer alternatives options for them, so they would not need to crack their heads. I would tell them the advantages and disadvantages, and all the comparisons etc. Most sales were closed after I had finished my presentation, though not all; as usual there were prospects who need more time to think or they have some other reasons. That is parts and parcels of sales. With follow-ups, they will respond and appreciates you eventually.

Selling on the Web is EASY

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Every ceiling, when reached, becomes a floor, upon which one walks as a matter of course and prescriptive right. Aldous Huxley

Three easy steps to start selling on the web:

STEP 1 -- Develop a great product -- position it for Web sales. 

STEP 2 -- Build a site that SELLS with deadly effectiveness

STEP 3 -- Attract targeted traffic to the site. 

Selling Made Possible

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Shopping makes easier if there is a trolley such as that in the supermarket, to put all the things that we want.  Similarly, shopping online is make easier with the existence of shopping cart.
Ever think of selling your products on the internet? Selling is what makes this world go around. Everyday you buy things from people. There are so many products in the market for sale. You can go shopping for needs, shopping for what you want or merely shopping for ideas and inspiration. There are so many people who are in the business of selling!

If you want to be in the business of selling like what the others are doing, you need a space — a space to put up all your products for sale. You need to look for a shop such as renting a shop or even buying it. Then you need to renovate your shop before you can start to sell. 

It is going to be time consuming and a lot of hard work and money going to be incurred if you want to set up a land based shop. There are many internet online shopping nowadays. So many websites selling handphones, handbags, clothings and many other items. Online shopping is very convenient for busy people and lazy people who hate to travel and carry heavy things. 

Ashop Commerce is a leading provider of hosted shopping cart software. It offers a complete solution for merchants to sell online. With the shopping cart software, you can start your online shopping business. You can start selling your products. Customers who wish to buy your products just need to add them into the shopping cart and at the end of their shopping, they just need to pay for the items in the shopping cart. Shopping will be made so much easier with the existence of shopping cart. The shopping cart software has 14-day free trial and this is good for people who do not know how the software will really benefits them. 

No venture no gain. If you never try, you never know whether you will succeed a not. With the free trial period, it is a good chance if you want to try selling your products online now. What’s more, the software is fully SEO (search engine optimised), this would increase the traffic to your store! With shopping cart software, you can start your online selling business now!

Earn Money With Second Life

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Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by a total of 1,153,948 people from around the globe. Click here to learn more

Second Life (SL) is a privately-owned, partly subscription-based 3-D virtual world, made publicly available in 2003 by San Francisco-based Linden Lab and founded by former RealNetworks CTO Philip Rosedale. The Second Life "world" resides in a large array of servers that are owned and maintained by Linden Lab, known collectively as "the grid".

The Second Life client program provides its users (referred to as Residents) with tools to view and modify the SL world and participate in its virtual economy, which concurrently has begun to operate as a "real" market. At precisely 8:05:45 AM PDT, October 18th 2006, the population of Second Life hit 1 million Residents.

Residents are the users of Second Life, and their appearance is their avatar. A person may have multiple accounts, and thus be multiple Residents (a person's multiple accounts can be referred to as alts), and a single Resident may have multiple avatars. All scripts and 3D content are created by Residents using nothing but the client, and even though animations, textures and sounds have to be created outside the client, every experience in Second Life is entirely user-created.

Second Life has its own economy and a currency referred to as Linden Dollars (L$). Residents receive an amount of L$ when they open an account if they supply credit/debit card details, and used to receive weekly stipends thereafter — only premium accounts and basic accounts that were already receiving stipends currently receive stipends. Additional L$ are acquired by selling objects or services within the environment.
Linden Lab has stated that the Second Life economy generated US$3,596,674 in economic activity during the month of September 2005. According to a September 2006 Popular Science article, Second Life, through currency trading, shopping and land sales, has a GDP of $64 Million.
Second Life has three membership plans.
  • Basic - Free
  • Additional Basic — one time fee of US$9.95
  • Premium — There are three billing options for Premium accounts:
    • Monthly — US$9.95
    • Quarterly — US$22.50 (US$7.50/month)
    • Annually — US$72.00 (US$6.00/month)
All account types receive a signup bonus if payment details are provided — L$250 for Basic and Additional Basic, L$1000 for Premium. Providing payment details for Basic and Additional Basic accounts is entirely optional.
The pricing plan for Second Life has varied over time. Earlier versions did not feature free first-time Basic Accounts, or required a fee paid for every basic account beyond the first. During the beta period, Residents had the option of a lifetime subscription for a one-time payment of US$225.00. After the release of SL 1.2 and the introduction of tiered land payments, this turned into a lifetime tier-free ownership of 4096m2 of land.


Eligible Residents receive stipends once a week - Basic and Additional Basic accounts have to log in during the weekly period in order to receive theirs, Premium accounts do not (they receive the stipend regardless of account activity).
Basic and Additional Basic accounts are not currently eligible for a stipend:
  • Those registered before May 29, 2006 receive L$50/week
  • Those registered after May 29, 2006 receive no stipend
Stipends for Premium accounts have also changed over time:
  • Those registered before July 21, 2006 receive L$500/week
  • Those registered before November 1, 2006 receive L$400/week
  • Those registered on or after November 1, 2006 receive L$300/week.

Land Ownership

Premium members also have the ability to own land (up to 512m2 without additional fees). Owning larger areas of land attracts an increasing additional fee (what Linden Lab calls "tier") ranging from US$5 a month up to US$195 a month for an entire 65,536m2 of land or individual island.
Linden Lab usually sells land in small 512m2 blocks (16 by 32 meters) through its First Landprogram, or as entire 16 acre (65536m2) regions. Residents also buy and sell land to other Residents, generally intending to make a profit by selling the plots of land at a price higher than the original purchase cost.

First Land

The First Land program is used to reserve small blocks of land for first time land buyers, intending to decrease the cost of land for new premium accounts. This program also serves as an incentive for new Residents with free accounts to upgrade to premium accounts. A Resident pays a fixed fee of L$1 per 1m2 for a 512m2 plot.
These First Land plots are frequently consolidated into larger plots when the original owners sell them to other residents.


  • Regions put up for auction are usually accesible from the main continent (e.g. by crossing the simulator boundary) of Second Life.
  • Regions purchased privately are not allowed to be accessible directly from the main continent of Second Life, multiple regions can be purchased and placed next to each other creating their own island or small continent.
The high land tier fees (US$195 a month) associated with owning a 16 acre region have resulted in many privately purchased simulators being focused solely on content that can return a profit, reducing the variety available. There are exceptions to this behavior, such as Svarga (an artifical eco system driven by LSL, created by Second Life Resident Laukosargas Svarog
A region can theoretically hold up to 100 users at a time, but performance can severely degrade at these numbers, and factors such as the amount of prims and active scripts running on the server also factor into performance.


Whereas normal private islands run on their own dedicated CPU, the Openspace regions run four per CPU: this limits their performance. Each of the four is limited to only 1875 prims. Openspaces only ever share with other openspaces on a server. Openspaces must be anchored to a normal existing Island or be used in a series to create space between islands. In other words, they cannot be used to “float” space on their own.

Make Extra Money

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Money won’t come to you if you just sit down and wait. To make money, you got to provide a service and to make things happen. You got to invent things or to make things out of raw materials. You got to be creative and have ideas to make money.
As long as you work hard and you can provide service to people around you, you can start earning money and you can actually start a business based on your expertise. As mentioned in my previous post, there are many ways to have fast money. This post will be about getting extra income for the home.

Ways to increase your profits from home for $100

The topic of discussion is $100, so I won’t be discussing about making a big business out of it. For $100, there are many things which can be done from the home. In this world, we are all providing a service and earning revenues for the service and goods that we provide to the world. What are the ways to make $100?

1. Products

a. Food - If you are good at making things, you can prepare home cooked food — packed meals for workers, passers-by who are going to work and so on. Other alternatives are baked cakes, cookies, pastries, buns and the like. During festive periods such as Hari Raya or Chinese New Year, these orders would increase. 

b. Handicrafts - Other products which you can think of are hand-made, hand-painted collectibles, crafts work, that people can buy from you for special occasion or just gifts. They can be paintings or even some dolls or bears.

2. Service (CRT)

a. Care - There is always a service of Care in this world — caring for babies and elderly for instance. You can provide baby-sitting services or student care and looking after old folks for your neighbour or for people in need of such help. 

b. Repair/Maintenance – All appliances need repair and maintenance. If you have expertise in this area, you could provide a service. You can go other people’s home or people can bring the items to your home for repair. Such items may also include computer. 

c. Teach – These include providing tuition service to students. Students come to your house and you collect monthly fees from them. Besides academic subjects, other areas of teaching include teaching teaching children arts and crafts such as pottery lessons. Music lessons such as piano and guitar lessons can be taught too.

d. Multi-Level Marketing(MLM) – These require networking skills. Friends can be gathered at home and you can give talks and ‘promote’ your business through such gathering.

3. Computer

a. Through your effort: Computer is a area where you can start your work at home. There are various programs where you can earn money from your computer, such as blogs, affiliate marketing, products selling, network marketing etc. For more details about earning income from blogs, read my article ‘Increasing page views and income with your blog‘. 

b. Through your luck and little effort: There are many programs on the internet that you can win instant cash and prizes. Visit my website for details of such money making opportunities. Note that I use little effort, as these program need you to sign up and you need to spend your time reading the rules and instructions. You need to write why you want to win the prize. You also need to vote or bid for prizes or cash. There is no gain without effort put in. Everything take time. More tries means more luck. 

These are golden opportunities for you if you are able to ‘sacrifice’ your time in exchange to do them. You reap what you sow. If you want to have extra $100, you got to think of what you can do first. If you want to do well, getting more than just $100, you got to love what you do. If you want to get more and be better, then you got to put in extra effort and be a little bit different from what the norm is. Doing what you love and coupled with hardwork you will definitely earn $100!