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I love blogging. Blogging allows me to express my thoughts and provides a place for me to store all my collections and my dreams.
It’s been some years since I started to try out blogging. I never forget my first blog, Peace Starts With A Smile, at blogger or blogspot. At that time, about three years back, most of the youngsters around me were all talking about blogging and blogs. I was not sure what really blog was at that time. All I could see was opinions, thoughts of various people, the bloggers.
I am a housewife, was working years back. Since I had stopped working, I have no income at all. Expenses from the home is ever increasing. I read about blogs that could earn money, and that prompted me to start my ball rolling at my first blog.
Over the years, I have learned a lot of things, but not much yet. I have a lot of things to do daily — managing my blogs, my home and family. However, blogging has become part of my life now. I love blogging as I can get paid to blog. What’s more, I get paid for blogging for the things I like! In addition, I have advertisers who advertise on my blogs. In a way, blogging is my business actually.
Today I had just found a new business partner, Smorty. Smorty is a service connecting advertisers with bloggers. Advertisers can pay bloggers to write opinion posts with links back to the advertisers site. Approval of blog is very fast at Smorty. I always like to try out businesses with new partners. I hope Smorty and I will be happy working together from now on. If you would like to advertise on blogs or blog for money, look out for Smorty!