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Money won’t come to you if you just sit down and wait. To make money, you got to provide a service and to make things happen. You got to invent things or to make things out of raw materials. You got to be creative and have ideas to make money.
As long as you work hard and you can provide service to people around you, you can start earning money and you can actually start a business based on your expertise. As mentioned in my previous post, there are many ways to have fast money. This post will be about getting extra income for the home.

Ways to increase your profits from home for $100

The topic of discussion is $100, so I won’t be discussing about making a big business out of it. For $100, there are many things which can be done from the home. In this world, we are all providing a service and earning revenues for the service and goods that we provide to the world. What are the ways to make $100?

1. Products

a. Food - If you are good at making things, you can prepare home cooked food — packed meals for workers, passers-by who are going to work and so on. Other alternatives are baked cakes, cookies, pastries, buns and the like. During festive periods such as Hari Raya or Chinese New Year, these orders would increase. 

b. Handicrafts - Other products which you can think of are hand-made, hand-painted collectibles, crafts work, that people can buy from you for special occasion or just gifts. They can be paintings or even some dolls or bears.

2. Service (CRT)

a. Care - There is always a service of Care in this world — caring for babies and elderly for instance. You can provide baby-sitting services or student care and looking after old folks for your neighbour or for people in need of such help. 

b. Repair/Maintenance – All appliances need repair and maintenance. If you have expertise in this area, you could provide a service. You can go other people’s home or people can bring the items to your home for repair. Such items may also include computer. 

c. Teach – These include providing tuition service to students. Students come to your house and you collect monthly fees from them. Besides academic subjects, other areas of teaching include teaching teaching children arts and crafts such as pottery lessons. Music lessons such as piano and guitar lessons can be taught too.

d. Multi-Level Marketing(MLM) – These require networking skills. Friends can be gathered at home and you can give talks and ‘promote’ your business through such gathering.

3. Computer

a. Through your effort: Computer is a area where you can start your work at home. There are various programs where you can earn money from your computer, such as blogs, affiliate marketing, products selling, network marketing etc. For more details about earning income from blogs, read my article ‘Increasing page views and income with your blog‘. 

b. Through your luck and little effort: There are many programs on the internet that you can win instant cash and prizes. Visit my website for details of such money making opportunities. Note that I use little effort, as these program need you to sign up and you need to spend your time reading the rules and instructions. You need to write why you want to win the prize. You also need to vote or bid for prizes or cash. There is no gain without effort put in. Everything take time. More tries means more luck. 

These are golden opportunities for you if you are able to ‘sacrifice’ your time in exchange to do them. You reap what you sow. If you want to have extra $100, you got to think of what you can do first. If you want to do well, getting more than just $100, you got to love what you do. If you want to get more and be better, then you got to put in extra effort and be a little bit different from what the norm is. Doing what you love and coupled with hardwork you will definitely earn $100!