Relationship Marketing

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Maintaining a good relationship helps selling easier.
This is a world of relationships. At home, we have parents and children relationship, husband and wife relationship, brothers and sisters relationship. The other relationship are relatives relationship, friends and colleagues relationships, businesspeople and their customer relationship and various others people and people relationship.
Relationship can be enriching and it can also be tiring and cumbersome. We are in a relationship marketing world. Many work in this world need good relationship, especially in sales. The work of sales must be disciplined and it involves hard work. It is a business of ‘follow-up’. Whether in dating or in business, we are constantly marketing ourselves to our customer (partner in the case of dating). A good salesperson must be able to sell himself well to his or her customer before the customer will buy from his/her products. When approached for the first time, our prospect or customer is usually cold and may be non-responsive. But through follow-up, customer get to know more about the salesperson and that is where the salesperson has a chance of selling through time.
Tracking your client list and prospect list needs good system. I had learned to use the one-card-system for my customer relationship management system. It helped me to track those suspects, prospects and clients whom I called. Just like a doctor who wrote down information on the patient’s medical record card, I wrote down all the information about the person in the one-card-system — yellow or white card. All this is manual, not computerised, and the cards and box may be bulky and taking up storage space.
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