Getting Paid From Blogs

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There are so many paid to blog programs on the net now. My first advertising marketplace which I sign up is Blogsvertise. Afterwhich I know of Blogitive and then PayPerPost. ReviewMe comes next and lastly Bloggerwave. There are more such as Pay2Blog and Smorty. However, I have not tried Pay2Blog yet and I am not long with Smorty either.
Joining all these programs have the advantage of getting extra revenues from your blogs and at the same time earning extra bucks for yourself. In terms of blogs, disregarding money, linking to good websites can have the advantage of increasing your traffic to your website. The disadvantage, through my experience is the drop in page rank. Previously my page rank of most four blogs, after being linked to several websites, my page rank had dropped to three and below. However, I have no regrets in all these. It is a fair trade. You want to get paid for the service you provide. You must be prepared for that, and so I am still happy with what I did so far. Writing for these advertisers had allowed me to learn many things during all these time. I had better knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, where to shop for best office supplies, where to get the best contact lens and so on. Interesting things that I come across is those websites that offer free gifts and fun games such as Deal or No Deal, Bid4Prizes, and so on. I also get to know of upcoming movie release and new sites like EarthFrisks and various useful websites on the net.
Some advertiser pays more, some advertiser pay less. Regardless on how much I received, I put my best effort and have an honest review about them. I do decline advertisers and I do not accept all advertisers. So it does not mean that as long as you pay, bloggers will accept your opportunity — at least not for me.
Which blog advertising is the best so far? What is considered good and what is considered no good? When working with these websites, what we want is transparency and honesty. We do not know who the real person behind and it takes time to earn trust and creditability. So based on my experience, through emails correspondence with these people from various websites and the use of their websites, there are both the good and bad points in each organization. It is hard to say who is good and who is really bad. They are all unique individual organization and they have their own unique system. As long as they paid us promptly and when there are problems, there are reply from them, that is carrying out their responsibility and that is what I want to see also.
There are times where payments are delayed in a day or even more for some of these organization, but after ‘working’ for them for a period of time, I have learned to trust them. Or perhaps I could say I have faith in them. It is just a matter of time. I do not pester them for payment, nor do I go around saying ‘bad’ things about anybody. When something is worth a praise, I would say so. When something is not worthy of any commendation, I would not recommend it nor mention about it.
So far, all the blogs advertising companies can be trusted, and that is in terms of getting feedback from them and payments from them, except ReviewMe. Previously I had problems with Helium payments too. But after some clarifications, I had my payments received and this month, I had no problems with my payments too. With all the rumours that Helium is ‘closing down’ and payments being delayed previously, I am rest assured now. Constant receipt of newsletter and emails from them is a kind of assurance and a way of keeping us in touch, telling us what is happening over at their side.
Blogging was supposed to be a hobby, and first with only Google Adsense advertisements, but now blogging are not just a hobby alone. It is your writing tools and you are rewarded with it. For anyone who has a blog, blogging can now be your business, your home based business where you can write reviews and posts about advertisers and much more at your free time, at the comfort of your home — earn Money At Home!