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Earn money from blogs? Yes you can. There are several online companies like Text-link Ads where you can place links on your site to earn money. Writing post for advertisers on your blogs also earn you money. Every post you made will be paid after approval and upon 7 days or 30 days or other terms and conditions as set by the company. Different companies have different policies and there are good and bad.
I had signed up Blogsvertise, PayPerPost, Bloggerwave, Smorty, Blogitive, SponseredReviews, ReviewMe, Pay2Blog and Blogads. So far, the most trustworthy company is Blogsvertise, PayPerPost and Blogitive. How do I gauge them? Communication is very important between bloggers and the companies. This is how we get in touch with the companies and we can get the kind of trust and faith in them.
Blogsvertise has never fail to reply me whenever I have any queries. It is a two way communication. During the weekends they are not working and I waited for them whenever I sent them any mails. PayPerPost have a forum, and a help page where bloggers can post their questions for help. You need to queue up for them to answer you.
Both Blogsvertise and PayPerPost sent out payment to bloggers after 30 days. Blogsvertise will assign tasks to your respective blogs. At PayPerPost, you need to have a constant lookout for available opportunities. It is a first come first serve basis. At times you might have grabbed an opportunity, but there are system error somewhere. Upon completion of your task, when you are ready to submit the post, the post is no longer available. In the past, they had 2 hours for you to write your post. However, now they had extended it to 6 hours. However, I never delay any task. As long as I had accepted any task, I start writing. I never exceed more than 2 hours to write my post. But, I still had this kind of encounter where upon completion of my tasks, I submit my task but was told that the post was no longer exist. This is a total waste of time.
Not all posts that you wrote for advertisers will be accepted. At PayPerPost, blogs approval is slow. To date, I have more than twelve posts not approved yet. Sometimes the post may be there for a few weeks before you have to ammend them or to cancel them in the end. That is what I do not like about PayPerPost. However at PayPerPost, there are plenty of tasks waiting for you. But you get to choose. You have the choice to choose the advertisers you want to write on.
Blogsvertise have many bloggers now. Previously I had many tasks, but now there are very little tasks available. In the beginning, their payments are sometimes late, now still the same, but they WOULD PAY — so sometimes even if it is three or four days, I still wait. Because they would pay. I no longer send out mails to them too. This is the kind of trust and faith in Blogsvertise — Cheryl was the one who provide all the support, recently Sandy will be replacing her. I had communicated with Sandy a few days ago. Everything is fine as well!
With all these experience I have with earn money from blogs, I would say that I would rank Blogsvertise as being the most user friendly, while PayPerPost offer you more money from blogs opportunities. As for the rest, they are ‘side dishes’.
Read my experience with ReviewMe. This is my worst experience so far, not getting paid for all that is done. If I ever get paid, I will tell you, my readers.