Do You Lack Empathy

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Some people are more fortunate than other people. There are people who have lots of money while there are people who need to work hard for money. Different people have different fate. Whatever your fate is, nobody would want to work if given a choice. Who do not like to enjoy life? Who do not like to play and have fun?
One of the ways to earn extra money is through building websites. Why are there so many websites on the internet? Don’t tell me all the websites are free? Don’t tell me nobody wants to earn money? If nobody wants to earn money, why is there a great surge in Make Money Online products? Why more people are signing up blogs for money?
Many businesses on the internet all wants to earn money. It is their job to earn money. They have to earn money to survive. But there are some people who cannot spare a thought for other people. When I am writing blogs, I try not to mention the negatives. Always stress on positives. This is what happens in school too and what we should teach our children. If your children do litter, you got to tell them to pick up rubbish and throw in rubbish bin. You do not go tell other people that you saw this child throwing rubbish! Then you are not helping the child.
I am just feeling injustice for Richard Palace, who help to host a website known as Everybody is trying hard to survive in this society. If you had good suggestion and are willing to help, there is always room for discussion. There is no need to hurt the feeling of people. Why add more misery to people’s life? Does that make you feel better? Does that make the world a better place to live in? What good is it to add fuel to the fire?
It seems a ‘hot’ topic of great discussion, a great list of comments going on at these people’s site. Today when I visited that site, there was a total of 16 comments. I suppose now there should be more.
This is what I had just written at my other blog,

Have you heard of the Aesop FablesThe Man, His Son And The Donkey? There are many people who like to comment on what people do. It is so easy to ‘talk’ about people, comment about people, but does it do anybody any good? Sometimes we need to put ourselves in other people’s shoes. Of course it is all your human rights to do whatever you want, but if imagine you are one of the country man who criticise about the man and his son. But yet you too are riding on the donkey. What has it got to say about yourself?

Probably I am not making myself very clear. I am actually talking about is a new website hosted by Richard Palace. Hosting a website is not free. Just like this website of mine, I need to pay for it. Nothing is free in this world. Tell me is there anything free? What is the purpose of setting up Well, I am sure the website owner has his own reasons and his interest. In setting up a directory like that, user can increase traffic to their websites. As a new websites, he is trying to spread the word around that the website exists. He even advertise at Yahoo and Google. By advertising and ‘spreading’ via word of mouth or via emails or IMs, information is spread fast. People would know about the website.

As like any business, when you are walking on the road, you encounter cold canvassing. At home you receive cold calls. In the internet, you receive junk mails and spam mails. Everyday I receive so many spam so many junk mails about increasing penis size, viagra, drugs, and many others scams. Do I need to go around and target all these people? 

On the road, you see old people collecting cans, rubbish, sleeping on the floor. They are unsightly. Do you go round telling people about how this old people ruin your country? They are trying to earn a living. Do you think they would love to do such things? Who would love to go round doing such kind of ‘hobby’? Who in this world like to do cold calls? Who in this world like to face rejections?

Sltopsites is like the Donkey, the ass. The website, sltopsites allows websites to be listed on the directory. A directory is a place where you can find information easily. On the internet, there are millions of websites. Not all websites can have the information you want. Not everybody have the same interest. Not everybody like the same thing. Some people like a particular website but not the other. So the purpose of the directory is to help people to find a list of similar interest related sites, so that these people can always seek better information, ideas, and even friendship out of their interest. 

Whoever is not happy with sltopsites, there is no obligation to list their website there. Does sltopsites put a gun on your head and say YOU MUST LIST YOUR SITE AT SLTOPSITES? I am sure Richard Palace never do that. I am not helping anyone. You can also see that I am not linking to him. He is not in my blogroll. Why? I am fair to anybody. He is working very hard at his sites. Whether he is doing it the right way in your eyes or in a way which is ‘incorrect’ in your eyes, everything is up to individual. There is no need to back stab anyone — riding on the donkey and then saying the donkey is shitting the place! 

I do not wish to mention who these people are who do these kind of things to the donkey, sltopsites. When one countryman starts to scrutinize, criticize and comment about the donkey, other passer-bys also come to rub salt to the wounds. They add fuels to the fire. Did sltopsites mention to ASK ANYONE TO CLICK ON HIS WEBSITES ADVERTISEMENT? Did sltopsites ask YOU TO CLICK ON ANYTHING? Everyday, on the web, there are so many other spams and comments like that. Just because you know him and you want him to suffer? This is how you treat your brethens, your brothers, your neighbours? You call yourself Christian, if you are! There is no religion in this world who encourage disharmony. Just give other people a chance to grow. If you do not want to ride the donkey (list your site or blog at sltopsite), then leave it alone. If you want to ride the donkey (list your site or blog at sltopsite), then just ride quitely as the donkey will try to bring more visitors to your website. If you have no wish for both, you are just a passer-by, there is no need for you to hurt the feeling of people in such a way, especially the donkey. 

The donkey is doing all he can to help people and himself. Providing his service to people and making his own existence in this world. Who is born a genius? If you mean well, offer him your best suggestion, feedback to him. There is no need to do anything funny behind the poor donkey! Contest or no contest, someone is going to be happy to be the winner. Someone is going to be sad for being the loser. Winner notify through emails, IMs. I also received. Yet rumours spread that money was not paid. Did he own anyone? It is just a complimentary from him to add more fun and more participants and more traffic to the sl communities. He is forking out his hard earn money. Do you ever know that? Just because no one is doing that and you say that is ridiculous. Winner was paid $1000L and if he does not like money, please do not take and leave. If anyone is not happy, why join the community? 

Why bring more miserables to people? We should stand together as a nation. The internet should be helping to draw us together and not fighting and competing with one another. Just like me, I have not got my remuneration from ReviewMe, I decide to leave. I do not need to go round hurting the person behind it. 

Go Google, do a search on and you can see who are these people. Perhaps this is indeed an ingenious way of marketing, so to speak. But anyway, there is no hard feeling about anything. This is all my opinion and I just want to let my feelings to heard, especially to these people. 

Of course this matter does not concern me at all. It is not my site and whatever business that Richard Palace does on the internet, I have no active roles in it, except for ‘a name’ — as what the chinese says, a cave cannot have two tigers. It is hard to have business under two different management system. That is why whatever websites belongs to him I have no interference at all and whatever is mine is mine, my own ideas, my own marketing and so on.