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Search and you will find. There are various ways to make money on the internet if you search for it. A way to earn great money is to collect membership fees from your website users. It appears easy money, just by collecting membership fees. However, there need to be quality and value-added service in order to maintain a website, just as in any business. Besides providing a good service, the success of a membership sites is dependent on networking.
Making money with membership sites
There are many making money opportunities on the internet market. To encourage genuine interest and tracking, most sites require membership, free, basic, premium and so on. These website developers earned their money providing services to these people. These sites normally come in two types initially, free membership to attract people with basic privileges and for more privileges these people need to upgrade to paid membership. Another type would be the free trial period, where member signed up for a programmed and get to use it for a 30-day free trial period or 14-day trial period and so on.
There are many membership sites in the internet, for which both the website developers and the users can make money. One popular example is Second Life. Different privilege are given to free members and premium members, with the major difference being the ownership of land. Premium members can buy land. Buying land enable land owners to build their own business, rent the land or resell the land. These are the money making opportunities for members.
For members, referral fees are being paid to them also if they can refer people to sign up these sites. These is to attract more people to sign up the programs, a way to sustain the websites.
For website owners, providing membership sites enable them to collect regular monthly ‘income’ from membership, another type of money making opportunity. In addition, Second Life has land for auction for these premium members. This is another revenues for website developers. Providing additional ‘service’ in additional to membership payments. These are additional ways of making money.
To make money with membership sites, you need to provide a service which users can enjoy or have values in joining the program — such as making money, storage disks or storage of documents, games etc. By providing free trial or free membership, you attract people to your site. By providing affiliate program or referring fees, the site can get more exposure to people, ‘saving’ on advertisement in some sense. However, to earn money from the membership site, there must really be value-added services, and quality services. A good service and good site will ensure your existing users to stay with you and also to recommend it to their friends. There is no limit to a membership site. As you grow, the users grow with you. As the site get popular, additional accounts with more privilege are added, thereby increasing the website developers’ income opportunities further.
Thus making money with membership sites is a good way of making money. It is a program where you can make money while you sleep! It is a program that you can make money anywhere as long as you have a computer and internet connection. It is a program where you can make money at the comfort of your home too!