Investment Free Gifts

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We know that working for money is hard.  But making money work for us is easier.  Would you want your money to work for you or do you want to work for money?  Do you want to invest your money knowing that it would reap good returns or do you want to invest your money knowing that you will have a free gift in return?
Would you invest your money for a free Samsonite luggage or do you invest your money because you want a free Samsonite luggage?   Several years back, I was in the financial industry marketing financial products.  Asking people to invest their money into useful instruments is my job.  There was once my company has a promotion.  When there is promotion, it is the best opportunity to sell.  Some people invest their money because they want the free gift!  

People are just so funny at times.  Human psychology can be so difficult to understand at times.  If there is no free gift, you can tell them tons and tons of reasons why it is good to invest, how much they can earn and other advantages of getting insured and invested at the same time, they just refused to invest even though they had no insurance nor other investment on hand.  However, when you tell them that there is free gift at the moment, they would want to invest!  Some even want to invest a second time so that they can enjoy another free gift, Samsonite luggage!