Real Or Not Real

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What you see is only the ‘nice cover’, the exterior beauty of anything. We cannot see the ‘internal beauty’ of anything, but only through time and experience, can we really see the truth of an object. Similarly, websites that claim to pay, websites that look and and sound great, claiming to pay you money; are they real?
One of the top keywords for search engine is Making Money Online or Earn Money Online Opportunities. Many people want to earn money at the comfort of their home. Working online is one of the most common home based businesses people are doing nowadays. Many people enjoy working from home — no office politics, no need to look at the ‘boss’s face’, no transportation and there is so much freedom.
However, is it really true that you can quit your full time job and survive solely on your ‘computer’? Are there so much opportunities online that you can really quit your full time job and just focus on internet business alone? A veteran in making money online, Zac Johnson has a website that tell you all about his experience in the internet making money world. Not everything is about money though, there are some of his personal stuff and pictures to be seen. There is no secret he cannot share. He is a handsome guy and he even shows his girlfriend’s photos. He looks funny in Spiderman costume, but that is something interesting to be added to his site! Thus it makes his websites not so dull indeed. There are various categories of topics for visitors to browse at, namely, affiliate marketing, bad companies, blogging, business deals, company gifts, cool sites, cool toys, domains, humour, make money, marketing, news and many more.
Making money is my concern too. I constantly search for making money online. Sometimes we join a program and do not know if they will really pay us. Recently I had some problems with Helium. There are rumours that Helium is closing down in their forum. I never border about going to the forum, however they ‘cheated’ me when they said they had paid me, but in fact the money was not in my account. I posted on their forum, and after that the problem was solved. It is ‘ugly’ to say ‘bad’ things about people or the websites, but this is real. I was not sure if they really pay money promptly to writers as that was the first time I had my minimum amount of $25 requesting for withdrawal. Each time they reply me in the email, they will blame and find excuse for delaying the payment. They blame me for giving them the wrong address etc. If I give them the wrong address, how can I receive their newsletter — that is the only address I gave them. They asked me to change to the correct address. I never did, as it is the correct address. I log in several times to check my account — to double check that is it really my fault? In the end, I got fed up with them. I posted in the forum. In a few days time, I got my payment. Is it my address??? Of course NOT! But at least, now I know that okay, they did pay afterall. So Helium is real. They pay. For many websites, we do not know how true they claim to give us ‘money’, but only after you try it then you know. Another example is BlogCharm. Time is wasted in such a case. 

There are many affiliates programs online, claiming to pay you money too. However, how many cheques or payment do you actually get? I have joined ShareASale, Commission Junction and some other less popular affiliate programs too. But so jar, I never got a single cheque before. Are they real? Since I have not had any payments received from them before, I cannot have answers. At 
Make Money with Super Affiliate Zac Johnson, Zac Johnson shows you all the companies that pays. If you need any reference, he may have the answers. He shows you his cheques, his snapshots and his experience with different companies. Real or not real, check it out with Zac Johnson!